Q:What is the “demi-glace sauce”

A:The demi-glace sauce is French style brown sauce with beef stock, vegetables, and red wine, carefully prepared until that brings out UMAMI flavor.

Q:What’s the difference between paripari,karakara, and carbønara wings?

A:Paripari wings are crunchy/crispy, Karakara wings are spicy, and carbonara wings have the creamy carbonara sauce with bacon,onion,mushroom, and parmigiano-reggiano topped on top.

Q:What is the difference between all the tofu burgers?

A:Teriyaki tofu has our teriyaki sauce in it, you can get it grilled (rice patties) or fried (fluffy buns).
Gabutto tofu burger is a fried tofu burger with fluffy buns and the demi-glaze sauce on it

Q:What is the most popular burger?

A:The most popular burger is the gabutto egg burger, our second most popular is teriyaki burger, and our third most popular burger is the shrimp burger! Althought these are delicious burgers, we encourage you to try the rest of the menu!

Q:What oil do you use to grill your meats and tofu?

A: We use soy oil

Q:What are your burgers made out of?

A:25% pork and 75% beef, there is also the option of 100% beef

Q: Do you guys have alternative buns?

A:Yes, we have naan bread, lettuce wraps, and rice patties instead of fluffy buns.

Q: Is the spicy sauce in bbq pork burger spicy?

A: As a Korean I can say that it is spicy like 6/10, but for people who haven’t tasted it I would say its an 8/10

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